Victor Gallery

A Spring Cleaning Guide

To ensure your collection of picture frames maintains its allure and longevity, occasional care and cleaning are essential. Each type of frame requires unique attention to preserve its beauty and condition.

Gilt Frame Restoration:
Gilt frames, adorned with gold, boast intricate beauty. Despite meticulous care, the gold may wear over time. Improper cleaning can hasten this process. For effective restoration, gently rub the frame with a cotton ball and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Cotton swabs can be used to remove dirt from intricate details. Regular, careful cleaning will help maintain the gilt’s original luster.

Wood Frame Maintenance:
Revitalize wood picture frames with orange oil, derived from orange rinds’ glands. This natural solution is ideal for routine polishing, enhancing the frame’s appearance and longevity.

Glass Care Techniques:
Cleaning the glass in a picture frame requires a quality glass cleaner. Spray it onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe the glass to achieve a streak-free, polished finish.

Mat Refurbishment:
Breath new life into your artwork by refreshing or replacing damaged or faded mats. This simple step can significantly update the overall presentation.

Consulting a Custom Framer:
For comprehensive frame care, consult a custom picture framer. Address any buckling of the artwork during the inspection. Corners or joints may require re-gluing due to stress from hanging, and the hanger and wire mechanism might need replacement. Professional inspection and repair, at a minimal cost, can significantly extend the life of your quality picture frame, allowing continued enjoyment of the artwork.