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Framing Treasured Christmas Gifts

Embarking on the journey of gifting a cherished picture or piece of artwork this Christmas? Ensure its lasting beauty and protection by entrusting it to the expertise of a certified picture framer. The techniques employed by these professionals aim to not only showcase but also safeguard the art, making it a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime.

Framing Techniques for Treasured Art:

Traditional Frames with Museum Glass and Mat Board:
Acid-free tape secures the picture to a beveled mat board, which hangs behind UV-blocking glass in a sturdy wood frame.
Originating in the 19th century and adopted by galleries, this style preserves the art in an almost airtight package, minimizing stretching with changes in humidity.
Sealed back with added wire for easy hanging.

Shadowbox Frames for Collectibles:
Ideal for showcasing collectibles, trinkets, family heirlooms, and memorabilia.
Strong sides supported by a rigid back create a decorative and eclectic display.
A quirky alternative to traditional framing methods.

Suspended Technique for Unique Viewing:
Perfect for pictures with important information on the reverse side.
Picture is taped to museum-quality glass, allowing the reverse side to be visible.
No mat board; a spacer protects the artwork from the glass, and the two panes are sandwiched into a frame, providing an unhindered view.

Floater Gallery Frames for Canvases:
Canvas artworks are elegantly framed in a floater gallery frame surrounding the painting around the stretcher.
A narrow wood frame with sufficient depth covers the stretcher, allowing the painting to take center stage.

Frame-Less Techniques for Posters, Cards, and Puzzles:
Innovative techniques that forgo traditional frames.
Options include photo-mounting the picture to a board sealed with special glue or lamination with a plastic-sealed mat board.
Ideal for showcasing posters, cards, and puzzles without the constraints of a traditional frame.

Holiday Gift Advice:
Christmas is an opportune time to share meaningful artworks and family heirlooms. A gift framed by a certified picture framer becomes a timeless treasure appreciated for generations. Explore the framing options and seek professional advice to ensure your generous gift is remembered for years to come.